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New SpotLipo Destroys Resistant Belly Fat Without Surgery

SpotLipo is a minimally invasive medical procedure that target mimics, targets, and accelerates your body’s natural process of fat removal

  • Target Resistant Belly Fat

  • Tighten Loose Skin

  • Contour & Reshape Your Body


*Results may vary.


*Results may vary.


*Results may vary.


*Results may vary.


*Results may vary.


*Results may vary.

Get your best body now!

Get SpotLipo Without Surgery, fit better in your clothes
and have the confidence to be free.

Target Resistant Fat, Reduce Belly Fat, Lift & Tighten Skin

Before and after pictures are of Actual patients treated with LipoTranz SpotLipo Without Surgery. As people vary so their results.

Do you ever feel like
your body is fighting against you


Here’s a huge problem you face right now. It’s the fact your body is programmed to keep and store fat. But that’s not the end of your problems with reducing belly fat, lift and tighten loose skin.

What makes this even worse, is any treatment that does not follow your body’s natural process of fat removal will eventually fail!

Research shows your body desperately fights to gain the fat back after weight loss, liposuction, tummy tuck or gastric bypass; your body is fighting against you.

Worst of all, most people are not aware of this little secret so they go on diets, and have liposuction working against their body and making a bad problem worst.

All this can make trying to reduce belly fat without surgery a nightmare! That’s why we do what we do, all day, everyday.

So, if you are serious about building confidence, fitting better in your clothes, “LipoTranz SpotLipo” is the answer you’ve been looking for!

Why LipoTranz SpotLipo Works

You may be wondering how LipoTranz SpotLipo works, what really matters is why LipoTranz SpotLipo works.

It begins with the stress in your life

  • Chronic social stress (work, relationships, finances, kids, school etc.)
  • Chronic psychological stress (depression, anxiety, ADD, ADHD)
  • Chronic physical stress (diseases, medications, chronic pain, poor diet, lack of exercise)
  • Pregnancy, surgery (lipo, tummy tuck, gastric bypass)

Life stress puts your body into fight or flight mode

The fight or flight is an instinctive survival response; it prepares the body to fight, or to run away from danger.

Life stress puts your body into a fight and flight mode, meaning your body is in constant overdrive.

In this state, a tiny part of your brain, called the hypothalamus, tells the body to produce extra hormones, leading to hormonal imbalance.

Your metabolism gets overworked and tired

In fight or flight mode, the hypothalamus releases too much hormones. These excess hormones tell your metabolism to work faster and harder.

Because we live on constant state of stress, we are almost always in fight or flight mode – meaning the body is constantly producing more hormones than it really needs.

Because our metabolism is overworked, it produces too excess toxins and ultimately becomes tired and sluggish (Metabolic fatigue).

Your Lymphatic system becomes toxic (inflammation)

Most people are not aware that their lymphatic system does more than fighting off sickness. A clean lymphatic system keeps you healthy, fit, and young.

When your body is in a fight or flight mode, your lymphatic system is overwhelmed by excess hormones, and toxins produced by the hypothalamus in your overworked metabolism. This causes your lymphatic system to become toxic, a condition known as inflammation.

And this is why
LipoTranz SpotLipo works

Life stress puts your body in fight or flight mode leading to hormonal imbalance, sluggish metabolism, ultimately causing a toxic lymphatic system.

Since your lymphatic system is responsible to keep you healthy, fit and strong, with a toxic lymphatic system, you will:

  • Retain water
  • Have poor circulation
  • Develop stubborn resistant fat
  • Develop skin problems
  • Age faster
  • Develop chronic diseases
  • Poor quality, and shortened life span

The Lipotranz treatment system works because it is the only one that:

  • Resets the hypothalamus and balances your hormones
  • Rebuild and boost your metabolism
  • Detoxifies your lymphatic system

How LipoTranz SpotLipo Works

To better understand how SpotLipo works you us first learn how your body naturally gets rid of fat

To get rid of fat your body follows a three step process. Say you want to lose weight, like most people you go on a diet, your body follows the following three steps:


Your body releases the fat from the fat cell


The broken fat moves to the circulation and is carried to the liver where it is broken down for fuel


Wastes products from the broken fat is carried to the kidneys and, the bowels, and flushed out of the body through urine and bowels

LipoTranz works with – not against – your body

Our patent-pending LipoTranz SpotLipo system is the only minimally invasive medical procedure that targets, mimics, and accelerates your body’s natural process of fat removal. SpotLipo works in 3 simple steps.





Will this work for me?

If you have made the decision to improve your Body Image, LipoTranz is the way to go. Anyone healthy enough can get LipoTranz. However we do have a selective process.

The ideal LipoTranz candidate is someone who meets our 3-point qualifying process:


Self-Image is Everything

To ensure great results, we only accept 25-30 new members each month at each location. If for any reasons you don’t qualify for LipoTranz we recommend an alternative treatment or refer you to someone who can help with your particular needs.

We focus on Results


  1. Remove belly fat
  2. Target weight loss
  3. Contour and reshape


  1. Reduce cellulite
  2. Lift and tighten loose skin
  3. Rejuvenate and look younger


  1. Increase metabolism
  2. Detoxify lymphatic system
  3. Balance hormones and reset metabolism


  1. Fit better in your clothes
  2. Improve body image
  3. Better health & Higher self-esteem

*At DermaTranz we strive to provide patients the best results at affordable prices. As people vary, so do their results.

What kind of results can you expect

from LipoTranz SpotLipo

How much does LipoTranz SpotLipo Cost

with LipoTranz SpotLipo you get more for less

LipoTranz SpotLipo

LipoTranz SpotLipo is the only procedure that targets, mimics, and accelerates your body’s natural process of fat removal.

  • Targets specific areas

  • Destroys fat cells

  • Increases circulation to move fat

  • Flushes fat, and detoxifies your body

  • Lifts and tightens loose skin

  • Contours, resizes, reshapes your body

  • Resets metabolism to normal


Injection for destroying fat cells, does not move or flush fat. Average number of treatments, 3. Cost per treatment $1500.



Uses laser to freeze fat. Does not move, or flash fat, does not tighten loose skin. Requires 1 to 2 sessions. May cause permanent nerve damage.


Surgery to remove fat. Does not flush, or detoxifies the body. Serious complications include deep vein thrombosis, organ perforation, bleeding, and infection, . It may cause death.

Results you can trust


Start weight: 186.6
End weight: 144
Weight loss: 42.6 lbs.
Inch loss: 39.35”
Dress size before: 12
Dress size after: 6

“The staff made me feel comfortable from day one and kept that way till the end. I’m ecstatic with my results and want to keep going.”
– Marie M. Jacksonville, FL


Weight loss: 24 lbs.
Inch loss: 24”

“I highly recommend Lipotranz to all of you, there is nothing out there that will imitate how your body eliminates fat from your body.”
– Melissa. Jacksonville, FL

*We strive to provide patients the best results at affordable prices. As people vary, so do their results.

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Disclaimer: Before and after results are not typical. Because each person is different, so too their results will vary.
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