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Prevent skin aging and damages,maximize skin renewal.

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*We strive to provide patients the best results at affordable prices. As people vary, so do their results.

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At DermaTranzMD, we continuously innovate to bring you the best treatments & procedures. We focus on results! No one else does it better.

Beyond Pampering

Do you have skin imperfections that require treatments beyond the pampering facial? Look no further than the DermaTranzMD Medical Facial. It is a trusted and proven method to restore and renew your natural glow.

The Essentials

The medical facial forms the basis of our medical skin care program. It is designed to:

  • Fix basic skin imperfection

  • Prevent skin aging and damages

  • And maximize skin renewal

Medical Facial Before and After Pictures

*Results may vary

Beyond Skin Deep

Skin problems can originate from toxic build up due to poor circulation, clogged pores, bacteria on the skin and exposure to irritants. Our Medical Facial goes beyond skin-deep to insure great results.

The Medical Facial is customized to each individual. It may include:

  • Skin Evaluation

  • Exfoliation

  • Basic Chemical Peel

  • Extraction

  • Cold laser treatment

Home Care

No skin treatment is complete without thorough education on proper home-care and product recommendation. Expect to leave with expert advice on how to best care for your skin and a skin regimen to match your specific needs.

How Much Does It Cost?

Medical Facials are customized to the individual. Skin evaluation is included in every facial.


Combines glycolic peel and cold laser treatment $149


Combines glycolic peel and manual extraction Starting at $199


Combines exfoliation with glycolic peel, manual extraction and cold laser treatment $259

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Advanced Medical Facial $199 $99

Budget friendly & low monthly payment options

We are budget friendly; our focus is on getting you excellent results within your budget. We offer low interest financing through United Medical Credit, applying is simple, fast and easy.
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Disclaimer: Before and after results are not typical. Because each person is different, so too their results will vary.
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DermaTranzMD is a non-surgical aesthetic medical center that specializes in improving self-image and self-confidence. We offer medical skin care, cosmetic dermatology, LipoTranz without surgery, acne treatment, Botox®, filler, laser hair growth for hair loss restoration, laser hair removal, lifestyle medicine, nutrition testing and counseling bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, natural hormone balance and more.

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